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The Beavers were once everyday animals most living in woods or by riversides, but all this was to change. As awareness of animal testing grew scientists realised that to continue they would have to use animals the public would not see as test subjects. The world knew that scientists experimented on rats, rabbits and even chimps and there was outcry at the way they were treated and subjected to the chemicals and regimes the scientists forced upon them. The scientist knew they would need a new animal one they had not tested and one the public would not notice dissapearing. As more and more science labs dedicated to animal testing were shutdown only the ones deep in the countryside survived but even they knew that there time was running out. One such lab was deep into a forest with a river running through the wildlife blossomed here and they took full advantage. Beavers they thought, we could test beavers! ---Will finish another day im very tired.

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Well right now The Beavers are still undergoing their mission to take revenge on Human kind for imprisoning them. They now have all sorts of technology and even a space fleet capapable of wiping out any threats.---Will finshish another time.

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