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This is an example of a more advanced Blubot factory fortress

The Blubots are an advanced race of modified industrial robots from the outer reaches of space. Their origin is undetermined as well as their intent. The Blubots have been known to attack planets at random and seemingly without direction. They will annihilate the area from orbit after the assault.

Blubots are extremely durable by nature and can shrug off most small-caliber firearms.


Standard Blubot: The most common and versatile blubot. They can be equiped with a large range of different weapons and tools.

S Blubot: Scout form of Blubot, their legs have been replaced with a jetpack and an overall smaller body, they can equip a minelayer, a magnetic crane for transporting other Blubots, or a hypersensitive scouting array.

XL Blubot: Twice the size of a standard Blubot, and twice as durable. They can equip a variety of large cannons and missile launchers.

XXL Blubot: Base destroying, army stomping behemoth of a Blubot, consider an expedient retreat if encountered.