Years and years ago, a planet similar to ours was being formed hundreds of thousands of light years away. The planet known only as Home housed hundreds of different species in many different ecosystems and biomes. The predominant biome however was a desert wasteland. The animals evolved over thousands of years and thousands of iterations to create the more fit versions of today. The species that evolved to be the most fit of all was the Canis homo-chimeras. Popularly known under their moniker as the Peragito Pungo. On Home the desert stretches on for hundreds of miles in every direction and is found as a ring around the equater of the planet. Two sub land masses are at a greater lattitude and are small islands in great sea's. The ocean surrounding these two islands are choppy and dangerous thanks the monsoon like winds carried from the desert. These islands are regarded as a paradise to the species of the desert. Very few have ever made it to the islands, little do they know the reason they have never heard from them again is not because of the allure of the paradise, but actually the climate shock when finally acheiving their goal. The animals are so accustomed to their climate that going to a new one, facing new microorganisms, facing new organisms, and not knowing what is or isn't poisonous has killed all of the visitors fairly quickly.

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