The Lunarites are an army made by Lizzrd and are space exploring robots.


They come from a moon named "Luna", in the Sol system. Humanoid aliens that are known as "Hoomas" are believed to be their creators.


These guys don't kid around when deciding what to use in their expeditions.

Mechanoid units:Edit

-Light Mechanoid --Basic unit for exploration and scouting missions. Not recommanded for combat. -Medium Mechanoid --Basic combat unit. -Combat Mechanoid --WIP as for now. -AI screen --A screen for the AIs to interface with the world around them without a mechanoid body.


-Lunar Lander --Landing craft for light mechanoid units with a returnable pod. -Rocket No. 102 --Safer transport of units, higher weight capacity than the Lunar Lander. -Moon Rover --A rover used for transport and exploring. Not for combat. -Crane --A mobile crane on four robot legs that handle goods.


-FR63 assault nailgun --Fires nails at high velocities, can both be used as a tool of construction and a tool of destruction. -MR2e Laser Rifle --Fires beams of pure light at a medium rate of fire.


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