Gunerican guarding an outpost. Typical example of a Man with a Gun (gun not visible).

Men with Guns (MWG for short) is a term used to describe the modern armies that make up the bulk of the factions present in Picture Wars, usually those that are infantry centered and overly generic in build. It is often used in a pejorative sense with conocations of unoriginality, as some feel that the idea has been done to the point of death, and most new users' first armies will inevitably consist of poorly sprited MWG utilizing MS Paint's horrid default pallet.

How do I Originality?Edit

It should be noted that while often met with scorne, there is nothing inherently wrong with using MWG over any other type of army, and many quality forces fall under this classification in one way or another. The best way to make one's MWG bearable to the PW community is design them as to stand out in some way among all the other modern forces in the game. Write down their lore and tactical doctrines, give their characters personality, even if they're a literal duplicate of an existing force, and find some way for them to stand them out! Regardless, an army of bland MWG is usually relatively easy to learn to play with due to their inherent averagness, and there is nothing wrong playing the first few games with a cookie cutter force in order to get the basic grips of the game down.

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