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The Orange Juggernaut is a Blockmen army. As their name states, they are orange-coloured.


While the main fighting force of the Orange Juggernaut are mindless drones, the commanders and pilots have volatile temperaments. All Commanders wear a Thermohater, a tall hat that doubles as a thermometer. It measures anger. Both the Commanders and Pilots cannot speak without shouting angrily. The reason for their constant rage is unknown, but may have something to with nothing rhymes with orange.


The military of the Orange Juggernaut.


Soldiers are created in huge numbers. They are mindless drones, always doing the bidding of their commanders.

Heavy Soldier[]

Heavy Soldiers wield a rocket launcher. They can take more damage than regular soldiers but are still mindless drones.


"RAAAGE!" Commanders are equipped with a semi-automatic cluster-grenade pistol. They are very vocal when giving commands; indeed, very vocal is the only way they can talk. Their hats double as anger-measuring thermometers.


Combat Suits[]

"We will crush them under our heels!" Combat Suits are very versatile and equipped with jetpacks. They come in three variations:

  • Rocket suit, fires missiles.
  • Tank suit, equipped with dual tank cannons.
  • Fist suit, the most ridiculous of the suits. Equipped with massive fists that can extend long distances, propelled by a small rocket. This attack has been nicknamed the 'Rocket Fist' by the pilot of the suit.


"Pump them full of lead!" Strafecraft are VTOL planes. They have two mounted machine guns.

Crab Mech[]

"Let's blow stuff up!" Crab Mechs are lovingly named 'Giant Friendly Crabs' or GFC. Wields two missile launchers.


"NONE CAN SURPRISE DOOMTANK!" Doomtanks are basically a fortress on wheels. Its three cannons can blow apart enemy vehicles with ease; its rear-pointing cannon is meant for enemies that try to attack from behind.


Self-explanatory. Cannot deploy Fist suits.


Blockman Factory[]

Blockmen Factories produce either regular infantry or Heavy Soldiers at a rate of one per turn.

Vehicle Factory[]

Vehicle Factories construct Strafecraft and Crab Mechs.

Heavy Vehicle Factory[]

Heavy Vehicle Factories builds Combat Suits and Doomtanks.