Planetary Picture Wars, often said as PPW, is a gamemode based in space. Most of the games consist of two fleets in space fighting each other. However, sometimes matches involve more than two players, or have battles on land. Another type of PPW exists, called Planet at War. It is based on a large map made by Aurastorm. Lots of people often join, and they fight for control of the planet and the space above it.


How to PlayEdit

PPW plays like a normal match, player one moves, then player two, then player one again, and so on. It does, however, have several different functions to normal Picture Wars. Because ships are normally so large in real life, for this to work a new scale had to be created. The sprites are often very small. Also, as the fighting is almost always in space, different physics apply. For instance, explosions are more like flashes and fire doesn't go far out of ships. Despite this, it it much more fun to apply Sci-Fi physics to matches.


There are often a few standard units in a battle. Here are a few:


The main ship in the army. This is often the most important ship, as well as the most powerfull. They are much larger than most other ships.


The second biggest ship in a fleet (usually). They are quite heavily armed and are more common than a Flagship.

Frigates and CorvettesEdit

Smaller ships. These do have some larger weapons, but are not as powerfull as a Cruiser or a Flagship. They are probably some of the most common ships in a battlespace.

Fighters, Bombers and ScoutsEdit

The smallest ships in a fleet. They are often contained inside Flagships and Carriers. They are very weak and small, but are harder to hit and come in greater quantities than all the other ships.


A large construction ship in space. They often carry some fighter/bomber squadrons and have their own defense too.

Carriers, Shieldships and Other ShipsEdit

Carriers carry Fighter and Bomber squadrons. They are often not armed heavily/at all. Shieldships create protective barriers around small areas. They often have this as their only defense. There are more types of ships too, for example Stealth Ships and Heavy Cruisers.


There are lots of new effects for PPW. For example, there are Warps for letting ships get onto the map, as well as the traditional explosions and fires. Lasers and missiles are common weapons of choice.

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