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There was once a planet called Op'ita. Not unlike earth, this planet saw the rise of man and dinosaurs at the same time, allowing man to tame the dinos and, for a time, everything seemed splendid, until the Extinction event. Most of the planet's populance died, and whoever was left started to realize that they can control the elements. Apparantly, historians argue, that asteriod had magic in it. So now that they had control over life and death itself, what would they do with it?
Fight among themselves.
One group argued that the bodies of the dead are to be left as they are, so they could rest.
We, however, thought best that they should have a second chance at life.
The war that followed almost destroyed us, but we drove the life'rs underground. We built new cities to relplace rubble, and raised bodies to populate them.
But, they would not stay underground long. They pushed us underground, and sealed us in, so we cannot escape. No matter, there are mote bones down here to kill them with anyway. We tried several times to break out, but were stopped each time.
By this point the two factions could be considered different races now. We live off undead energy, while those self-proclaimed "paladin" fleshbags live off the land. By that time, we decided to stay underground long enough to get enough power.
Now, because we are undead, and we can't see the sun, our perception of tine is infinetly warped. What felt like days for us was really years for tgem. So busy we were to build our armies that.we didn't notice that time had done what we could not.
So we will be the sole owner of this spit of sand, if it wasn't for the alien nations that have populated the planet.
But we do not worry, for we have many bones to kill them with.

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