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The beginning of Nerona

The Great Union of Nerona was founded by the great mind of, Fim Jimle. Fim was one of the higher ups in the goverment of Canada. When World war 4 pushed its way to Canada and the US, Fim was ordered to defend the capital with his life. So by the time the war made it to Ontario, Fim had a elite squad of units from the Nero sector. When they heard that the prime minister was killed in a bombing run. Fim sent 5 squads to take the Palace of Canada back. When Fim made it to the Palace himself, he sent a message to Kim Jong Li (Kim Jong Il`s son.) a cease fire. When Li sent Fim a message saying OK, Fim crowned himself Prime Minister of the new created Nerona Union. Fim placed his friend Jimmy June in charge of the military. Jimmy sent forces to all remaning Provinces and put up buildings, and houseing. He sent food and money to poor citys. By the year 3015, all of Canada, and US was now in control of Nerona. Fim sent large space ships to surronding planets and star systems. In 3058, 5 different planets were colinized by Neronians. Fim was now known as the saveur of Canada and the creator of a new.

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