Origin Edit

The Zyganites originate from an unknown planet and showed great future in technological advances. The leader of the planet, made a special division of the army and it was to make sure that technology on opposing planets was destroyed, guarding our own technology, thus naming it the Zyganite Guard.

Combat Edit

The Zyganite Guard is fierce in combat. They usually appear on the battle-field in armored transport carriers.

(Known) Units: Edit

Engineer: Edit Engineers are the brains of the Zyganite Guard. They are able to make several structures, such as bases, radios, etc and are able to scavenge metal and use it for these buildings.

Assault Unit: Edit

Assault units are the muscle of the Zyganite Guard, they are tough fighters in tough armour. They are armed with an SMG or an Assault Rifle.

Sergeant: Edit

Sergeants command the rest of the Guard, they are veterans and only the best. They are armed with modified SMGs.

Flame Unit: Edit

Flame units pack a mighty punch, they wear a suit that protects them from fire but is less stronger. They are armed with a flame-thrower, and their gas canisters are very strong. Their ammo runs dry quickly and they will need to go to refill the canister.

Demolition Unit: Edit

Demolition units are very talented, their armour is hardened and they know how to fight. This is the elite unit. They are armed with a grenade launcher that shoots at great speed. The grenade is very strong and can blow chunks out of the earth. They are equipped with three grenades and ammo is scarce.

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